Friday, August 26, 2005

The Netflix Experience- My first movie post.

The Netflix Experience- My first movie post.

I've decided to document, (mostly for myself, because I can't see how anyone would care) how I enjoy my netflix cue over the next few months. You know Netflix(see sidebar link) the most amazing movie service since sliced-bread (sorry for the mixed cliche'). If you don't it's an internet service that allows you to go online and rent movies and have them mailed to your house. This service is great, because all I have to do is go online for two seconds when I remember a movie I've been wanting to rent, and add it to my cue. It takes like two days for it to get there, (does this sound like a commercial yet) and you can keep them as long as you want. No late fees! (now it does!) Anyway, I love it, and I currently have 80 movies in my cue. Sometimes I get a little click happy.
You can find almost anything on it though, from old school classics, (try finding "Lost Horizon" in Hollywood's 3 foot wide "classics" section, it's not at my local store at least), or TV on DVD, (ie the first three seasons of Strangers With Candy). I'm an avid purchaser of DVD's, but you gotta date before you marry, (plus I'm running out of shelf space, and some of my friends have labeled me "a nerd"...well duh!). As a practicing unrealistic, (screenwriter,director) I have to get creative inspiration wherever I can, so I'm going to write how I liked each movie and whether or not I drew any inspiration from it, or whether it just flat out sucked. Here is the list of some of the movies in my cue:

Strangers with Candy Season 1

"Upright Citizens Brigade Season 1"
My friends tell me these are good. I've seen some UCB and thought it was outright hilarious. I'm sure my friends wouldn't lead me astray, though they have a few times in the past. Man on Fire was violent for no good reason, and boring Darren.

"In the Mouth of Madness"
I can honestly say I love horror movies, which is weird, because I hate gore(both of them...) but something about the mystery of the unknown or the claustrophobia of most of these films keeps my interest. I'm not a big fan of crappy cheap ones like Friday the 13th. I like other cheap ones, that are classics, (Night of the Living Dead). As long as it's done well, a horror movie, or a good thriller can capture my attention faster than anything.
If I remember right, someone told me this was creepy, and the netflix synopsis sounds really interesting, but I am very afraid of the Clive Barker connection. Some of his stuff reeks! I thought Candyman was alright though, so I'll give him one more chance.

The Fog
I think I heard that parts of it were cheesy, but I choose to judge for myself. I kind of wish I hadn't read the synopsis, because it looked cool and the synopsis sounds a tad lame. I really wanted to see this though, because the trailer for the upcoming remake is really cool. I may get horror purists, (lucky I'm not friends with any in real life) to hate me, but I think a lot of the classic horror remakes lately have been cool. Dawn of the Dead, TCM. I thought they brought a cool aesthetic to already classic storylines. Wasn't so much a fan of Van Helsing. Shock me! Shock me! Shock me!

The Haunting-The Original
I heard this is a classic, because it doesn't need a lot of crazy special effects and images of ghosts to scare you, it scares you with the idea of what is there that you can't see. Less is more. Looking forward to it. Speaking of remakes, didn't love the new Haunting.

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