Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fice' - The Musical

This was our 24 hour film festival entry this year. Our team was:
Garrett Batty, Jake Van Wagoner, Matt Mattson, Matt Gerow, and Will Rubio (plus me).
The theme was Sacrifice believe it or not, and we had to use the words "Let me be your..." and the object was a match. Enjoy.

We won an audience choice award, and Third place in the judges competition, which ain't bad for a film with no real nutritional value.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

This Year...

1. I will use every resource at my disposal to help others accomplish their dreams, which will in turn inspire me.

2. I will learn from my mistakes, and understand why they were made.

3. I will put together my photo albums.

4. I will try and always be the bigger man inter-personally while continuing to try and be the smaller man physically.

5. I will go to a movie like Twilight by myself, and will outwardly and proudly let people know that I liked it.

6. I will walk everyday.

7. I will never want for the daily essentials.

8. I will finish Return.

9. I will follow my mom’s example and look people in the eyes when they are talking to me, no matter who it is.

10. I will listen without looking for opportunities to talk.

11. I will appreciate the power of accomplishment in any form, and look less towards criticism.

12. I will look for fewer shortcuts in daily life.

13. I will look for more shortcuts on my computer.

14. I will spend less time on my computer.

15. I will not let my bank account go below $500

16. I will establish an open line of communication, and have a relationship with my roommates.

17. I will be a thoughtful roommate and buy the toilet paper.

18. I will find ways to help out at church even if I don’t get a calling.

19. I will finish Moonlight Starlight.

20. I will appear in something that requires me to act.

21. I will rely more on preparation and less on improv at my auditions.

22. I will save my spare change and deposit it into my savings.

23. I will write more.

24. I won’t be fritened of first drafts.

25. I won’t be frightened of mistakes.

26. I will rely less on improv in important situations.

27. I will rely more on improv in unimportant situations.

28. My improv will learn patience.

29. I will enter and travel to at least two improv festivals.

30. I will be a little more of a shameless self-promoter without becoming an obnoxious one.

31. I will compliment sincerely, without hope of remuneration.

32. I will finish Shadows.

33. I will be honest, but not blunt.

34. I will “Yes, and”.

35. I will delegate more.

36. I will focus more on the plan that I’ve established, without to many divergences.

37. I will use the words “to” and “too” correctly, knowing there importance.

38. Being an adult now, I will be less afraid of them.

39. I will pay people for a job well done.

40. I will be more artistic.

41. I will pay off ALL debt (except maybe my new car).

42. I will let more opportunities for sly comments pass by unsullied by my biting tongue.

43. I will embrace more fully the idea that the funniest comedy is aimed at oneself, but it won’t be too cocky or too pathetic.

44. I will realize the power of the axiom that the secret to attraction is talent, intelligence, and confidence.

45. I will try to leave people and things better than I found them.

46. I will date more.

47. I will realize that we all gots’ our baggage, and everyone’s a bit crazies!

48. I will judge fewer books by their covers, and realize that they all contain surprises.

49. I will read more.

50. I will learn patience while driving, embracing the power of cleansing breaths.

51. I will learn how to write things down again, and remember that a thought not written down is not a thought at all.

52. I will acquire a writing agent.

53. I will finish a song…for once.

54. I will memorize the phone numbers of those who are close to me.

55. I will finally memorize their birthdays.

56. I will polish and sell Scrappers.

57. I will finish creative endeavors and post them for people to see, without being afraid.

58. I will learn to crave criticism.

59. I will choose sacrifice over convenience.

61. I will be patient with love, and with myself.

62. I will be the man who gets things done.

63. I will floss.