Monday, February 11, 2008

Hear this...The Bird and the Bee

Okay so watch this. I'm used to being scooped on music selection, by my hipper 'East Coastier' friends, and this is probably no exception. Just watch this video though. It's directed by Eric Wareheim one of the guys who makes "Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job!" which is a delightfully weird, and often "too disturbing to turn away from" show.

This band though is to use a critic word "hypnotic" (but neither "tense" nor "gripping"), and this video is like an exciting car wreck.

I'm pretty sure I'm in love with the lead singer. Look how deadpan she is in this video! If she were that way all the time, I would be turned off, but I did my research, and luckily it's just this video.

Also, after you've watched the video three or four times, download the album (legally, of course through Itunes) and just listen to the words. They make me laugh. She's discussing "getting down!", but at the same time she's so cordial about it. I get it!

I think from 2:54 on is my favorite!

This song is also quite cool


Adam Borg said...

yes you are right, after 2:54 it does get better, I like it and the song is really good to

vonblake said...

I agree, this video is awesome.

A Spooky Ghost said...

Badical. Totally badical. Sorry if I knew about them already, but I had not seen the video and that was a delight.

The east coast gets stuff faster, Jeffrey, only because we get the sun sooner. Come here. Be one of us.