Tuesday, March 03, 2009

3/3/09 - Some Observations for this already short day...

1. My predictive text has begun a revolution against me. T9 must stand for "Total A9hilation".

2. When I have 30 minutes to clean my room, I clean it in 30 minutes. When I have 3 hours it takes me 4.

3. I am officially sick of long hair, but short does not seem a bright alternative.

4. Movies and TV on my computer are the enemy.

6. It takes shooting at least 20 pictures to get 1 amazing one. I should post only the 1 on Facebook. It will make me look more talented, but now I need to take 300 pictures per session. That way I can post 15 good ones.

6a. Scratch that it takes at least 100 pictures to get to 1 amazing one. Oh crud...

7. Just when I think I know Photoshop pretty well, I realize I need to learn a LOT more.

8. If this is the state of indie music today, then I'm depressed. Take rule #6a and apply it to this. Maybe I need some better suggestions.

9. I'm excited about my upcoming photo shoots.

10. Despite #3 my beard is coming in nicely. Cowboy and Hobo roles here I come. Watch out Mr. Johnson.

11. Who are Thomas Tantrum? They seem like 1 in a 100.

12. Start a blog with random contests on it, like "worst Sean Connery impressions" etc. The prize is instant stardom.

13. Finally start that website of pics of objects that look like faces. Geesh!

14. How many Jens Lekman wannabes do there have to be?

15. Why did "He's Just Not That Into You" have to be so accurate? Since when do cliche' poorly written Chick Flicks make sense? (With the exception of the ending, and the cheesiness).

16. When I was little my mom taught me to try and make only one trip when putting stuff away. This might have become more of a hindrance now than a help.

18. I feel chill.


Will said...

Commenting on you post. i liked it. Peace!


Guy Mayhem said...

I'm intrigued that you thought "She's Just Not That Into You" to be so accurate. Do tell sometime.

Ah, if you need some new indie updates my friend, I'll send them your way. There's some good stuff out there. But of course there is a lot of crap too.

I heart Jens Lekman.

Jeff B said...

What I think was so accurate was the awkwardness. There was a ton of baloney in it. However, the just completely off balance nature of these relationships and the delusions of people who like another person and the perspective that we the viewer had of how ridiculous that is hit close to home. I've been on both sides of that equation. Maybe it's also because I saw it with a girl that I liked once upon a time too that made it all the more awkward.

That being said however it was mostly pure Hollywood cheese, but even pure Hollywood cheese can speak to us. Take for example 'Benji the Hunted'. Haven't you ever found yourself in Benji's place James? Come now...be honest!

Jeff B said...

I just realized I made a MAJOR mathematical error in this post.

Adam Borg said...

I think the reason "He's just not that into" made any kind of sense was because it was based off a book that made a lot of sense. A book that did not have any of the plot of this movie, it was just this guy writing a book giving girls advice and it was really insightful. Then Hollywood used the name of the book, made a plot and put in a bunch of cheese. That is my take. And yes I listened to an audio book who's intended audience was female, I spend a lot of time in my car and I was curious.

Jeff B said...

I think it was geared toward women Adam because that's who they knew would buy it. I think it applies to any relationship though.