Sunday, July 20, 2008


Check out those legs!

I just acted in two commercials for the Utah Division of Tourism. I played a snowflake who is lucky enough to land in Utah. It was a major blast to shoot them, as I got to do two of my favorite things, dress up like a goof-ball and hang out with improv friends for two days. Friends include: Matt Mattson, Gavin Bentley and Jake Suazo as well as some cool new buddies I met on the shoot. Here are some great pics that we took on set today!

Me and Matt as the most in your face flakes of all time!

Gavin, Danor, and Jeff in flake form!


Guy Mayhem said...

Too bad you didn't wear these to Comic-con. Can you imagine if you had three of you all dressed up in these bad boys? You could have made up so many awesome stories as to why.

Jeff B said...

Oh seriously! That would have been awesome. I see it as some kind of ultra eccentric Japanimation!

lavendergrl said...

I'm wondering about bathroom breaks during this filming fiasco, as I don't see that your costume was equipped with any convenient flaps.