Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I always get hurt

Today was not a good day. I opened up a Snapple excitedly because it said on the cap in capital letters LOOK UNDER CAP! WIN INSTANTLY. Now normally I wouldn't get excited, but that exclamation point at the end broke down my defenses. It sounded like a promise! WIN INSTANTLY! Nothing waivered. No "you COULD win."

Well let me tell you something. I DIDN'T WIN (exclamation point). It said "SORRY, not a winner" and while I did appreciate the "sorry" in capital letters, it said after that "DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, TRY AGAIN!" What is that? Can you believe that? Well no Snapple! I'm not going to! You've beaten me. Are you HAPPY? I just can't trust you anymore! Using exclamation points so carelessly! No, I'm not going to try again, because that would be doing you a favor. That would be playing your game. Not me.
"Do yourself a favor"?
That is just like you to say something like that! Making it sound like I'm helping myself out when all I'm doing is serving your own selfish liquid desires.
You liar Snapple! You are a liar!

You did give me a fun "Real Fact"...under the "sorry" you told me about how "sound travels faster in water than it does in air", and this WAS after you already said I guess I can't be too mad at you.
Look...I've been really stressed out lately. Work has been hard and I think...well, I think I said some things I didn't mean. I didn't mean to take my frustrations out on the people and beverages that I care about. I think in the end we were both wrong. Can't we just forget the whole thing?
I said I was sorry.
You're so STUBBORN!
And that's why I love you.
I love you so much snapple.
I was wrong, and I'm sorry.
Look...maybe this will help.
"Did you know that the tin cannister, or can, was invented in 1810 by Londoner Peter Durand?"
Are we cool now Snap?
Call me okay?
Or...I'll call you. Is your number still 1-800-Snapple?

Sept 8th 2005

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Anonymous said...

JAD , Ohio


That was the good news , trying to collect the prize is the problem , Snapple returned my original cap with a letter indicating it was not a winner ???
I called the Snapple phone number and was advised there was no Cash prizes available for the “Snapple win yourself a favor ” contest .
I called Snapple directly and they said to send the winning game peice back to the Snapple winner address in Strongsville ,Ohio ,I complied in Aug 2005 .
I received a small ” We are sorry prize ” ( refigerator magnet ) in Sept indicating that there was no winning game piece enclosed with my entry .
I sent in a picture of the winning prize to Strongsville in early Oct , they replied that I indeed had a” possible winner “, I filled out the paperwork returned everything by certified mail . I’m still waiting for my Cash ???
My last phone call indicated they were awaiting transfer of funds to pay the prize winners .
Winning was the easy part collecting the prize seems to be the big problem .

Wish me luck I'll need it